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Book 1 Volume 4

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Saturday, December 13, 2003, 7:27 AM 25 Deg at LVIA, 24.7 in the bus stop
It looks like a beautiful day this morning. As I sat at the Park bench, one would never suspect that we already have winter storm watches up all along the east coast. <Grr>
    As I was heading for the bench I was greeted by Nan Campton and her dog  in the alley behind us.
    This morning my blood glucose was 127 and my weight 206. Last evening I made beef stew with dumplings. It is a favorite of mine. Queen isn’t wild about the dumpling, but she went along with it. She was tired yesterday from the cookie factory, as well as having a late afternoon appointment with the hairdresser. She got her hair cut and trimmed. She really looks nice.
    Last evening after dark, as I was putting the car away, I drove by a few homes and shot some pictures. Those shots are hard to take in ambient light without a tripod. I took most of them from inside the car holding the camera firmly with the car’s window opening as a solid base. Some are better than others.
  Below are some photos of  homes in the area  
               A certain reader of these epistles will recognize this place.

These are miniature photos of Joe Lendvay’s decorated tree as seen above.
This morning we decided to walk downtown. I had to mail some letters and then stopped in at Shea’s and on the way back to the car I saw Pattie while she was shopping. She found the way to open these web pages.  She thought they were good. That makes the old man happy. Both she and Sharon like them as well as the whole concept.  As professionals, I really value their opinions. The concept is good, but my execution is another matter. This is only my fourth attempt plus the fact that I never did this before
 in my life.
 Some of what I see when I open my web page appalls me. To all who read this so far they are still available on line.
    This afternoon I attempted to repair some of gross errors in last weeks letter and opened a completely new assortment of problems. Sheez. In attempting to make repairs, I screwed it up so badly that I had to re-do the entire thing. As I looked at it after reinstalling it, I think I used the unproof read and corrected copy. Sorry about that. This is one of the advantages of not being a perfectionist. <Grin>
    At this time in my “career,” I seemed to be unable to save it as the original heading so I re-sent it with a slightly different URL. Hence the [a] suffix! Sheez!!!
    The cookie factory has been going full steam ahead. I attempt to stay out of the kitchen and have only had samples as she offered them to me. She is trying to help me. The problem is that my halo is strangling me. Being good is not nearly as much fun. Oh, I cannot complain, we eat damn well here.
    Tonight for supper we had leftovers. We had leftover stroganoff, cooked carrots, tomato, cottage cheese salad, and an ice cream bar for dessert. It was good and it was plenty.

Sunday, December 14, 2003 7:24 AM 25 Deg at LVIA and 24.8 in the bus stop
    Hey, wonderful news this morning, MOMENTOUS news, Sadam Hussein has been captured. All of the rest of this stuff is very unimportant. That is very good news. Golly, I wonder how Osama bin Laden will be sleeping tonight. The noose is getting tighter and tighter.
    Oh, by the way, it is snowing like Hell this morning. So, what else is new? Well for one thing, my blood sugar was 127 and my weight 206.
    Butternut has been out and he is waiting on the landing for Queen. I plan to take a cup of coffee and go sit on the park bench while I can still find it in snow.
    I went there with my coffee, cushion, and camera. As I sat there I could hear a  whooshing  sound , much like  escaping of steam, gas, and hot air, perhaps from Vermont. <Chuckle!! Chuckle!!>  However, it really was a jetliner off to the northeast high above all this stuff.
After a few pictures and a few sips of coffee, I decided that this really was nuts, so I came in. Here are a few of the scenes that I took out in the snow it was fun though.


    Queen is working on the Christmas cards before supper while I am reheating the stew and dumplings from the other night. Earlier, Queen was busy mixing up cookie dough and is tired, so supper will be quick and easy tonight. Hey, it was good.

Monday, December 15, 2003 7:32 AM 27 Deg at LVIA and 24.7 in the bus stop
    This morning my blood glucose was 123 and my weight was 206. It looks like a mess out there this morning. I have not ventured forth as yet. A bit later, I will get out the snow blower and try to clean off some of this stuff. It looks like a snow, sleet, and ice mixture. <Sigh>    
    <Later> Golly but that was a chore. I used the snow blower to clear the walks from the garage down to the house. There was snow on the bottom but a layer of sleet and ice on top. I had to push the thing hard, but it did it. However, when I got down to the sidewalk, it was a different story. Yesterday’s good neighbors clearing of the walks removed the lower layer of snow,  but what was there was only the sleet, and ice and it would not budge. So I applied some melt stuff.
Later, I went down town in the car to the Post Office and bank. Before I went, I was able to clear off our garage area and most of Mike’s garage area with the blower.
    After I got back, it looked as though it might be melting, so I got the blower out again and after quite a bit of a struggle it did come off. Thank God!
    On the way, home I stopped in at the TN office for a short visit. Pattie said she wanted to do a column on other folk’s pleasant memories of the Christmas seasons, but she had difficulties finding anybody with any early pleasant memories. She already had some of my thoughts.
    Queen also has her fond memories. She and her sister Grace, knew very well that their Father would not permit them to have a bicycle due to danger problems, as he perceived two little girls operating a bike in the City of Huntington, WV.
 So they got their heads together and thought a scooter would be just the thing. She told Mom and Dad that they wanted scooter more than anything else, even if they didn’t get another thing for Christmas. The way he talked,  it looked remote for the same reason as the bike. Low and behold on Christmas day there was their red scooter under the tree. There were two happy girls that morning! Little did he realize that when they were given roller skates previously, those two girls were all over the city in a way he had no idea was happening. Of course, they didn’t do anything to inform him of their travels. <Grin> We all have those wonderful memories, if we look for them.
Sheez that is no problem for me. I told Pattie that the park bench is a wonderful place to reminisce. Sometimes I even write them down. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands.

    Golly, if I had carefully planed my retirement, I could not have done anything I enjoy more. It sure wasn’t planned this way, but it certainly worked out that way   
My life  all changed when I got my first computer. I was ready to take it back to Radio Shack.  I was thoroughly disgusted and discouraged. At that time Queen was in the hospital with pneumonia and daughter, Mary, and Jim were up to visit her and they persuaded me  to stick with it and give it a chance. Hey, I am not ungrateful. Mary has offered a lot of good advice. She has used them at work for years. I am utterly amazed to watch her fingers fly over the keys and not have to look at the keyboard. I am much too lazy to learn touch-typing. After a fashion, hunt and peck gets the job done, abeit with lots of typos. Geez, now it seems that the day isn’t long enough.
    At Queen’s instigation, I took a hot shower after my stint on the blower before my nap. Golly, I sure needed that.
    Tonight the cook is out in the kitchen preparing spaghetti. We will be dining in God’s restaurant. It doesn’t get any better than that. Hey, who ever coined the phrase “comfort food” hit this one right on the nose.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003 7:57 AM 25 Deg at LVIA and 24.8 in the bus stop
    I am posting a bit later this morning. Butternut was out while I prepared coffee and took my readings. This morning my blood glucose was136 and weight 206.
    I took my coffee, tush cushion, broom, and my camera up to the park bench this morning. It is a beautiful day. I took a few pictures posted here below. Nothing spectacular, but nonetheless it is a lovely day on hand.
These are pictures from the steam from our neighbor Jean’s dryer to the sky and moon.
    After  I returned decided to cook up the ham bone and smoked ham butt I had out in the bus stop,  and begin the ham and bean soup process. Once it is cooled the longer it sets the better, it gets as all the flavors blend. Now the cooked ham  is cooling and I shall have to process it
About 10:15, I decided to go for a short walk. I got down as far as 269 Columbia and saw that the sidewalks from there down were all snow covered. So, I crossed over and walked up to the end of the block at 1st Street, across and down to 2nd, up to the alley and went down and got the car out. Queen wanted to go to Wal-Mart this morning. Among the stuff purchased was a big jar of V8 vegetable juice for  the ham and bean soup. The trip went well and we were back about 12:45 PM.
I got this from Bob Green. I am glad he lets me plagiarize his stuff
A Nun asked her class to write notes to God.  Here are some they handed in:
Dear God: I didn't think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset You made on Tuesday. That was cool.
Dear God: Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don't You keep the ones You already have?
Dear God: Maybe Cain and Abel would not have killed each other if they had their own rooms. That's what my Mom did for me and my brother.
Dear God: If You watch me in church on Sunday, I'll show You my new shoes.
Dear God: I bet it is very hard to love everyone in the whole world. There are only 4 people in our family and I'm having a hard time loving all of them.
Dear God: In school they told us what You do. Who does it when You are on vacation?
Dear God: Are You really invisible or is it just a trick?
Dear God: Is it true my father won't get into heaven if he uses his bowling words in the house?
Dear God: Did You mean for the giraffe to look like that or was it an accident?
Dear God: Who draws the lines around the countries?
Dear God: I went to this wedding and they kissed right in the church. Is that OK?
Dear God: Did You really mean "do unto others as they do unto you"? Because if You did, then I'm going to get my brother good.
Dear God: Thank You for the baby brother, but I think you got confused because what I prayed for was a puppy.
Dear God: Please send me a pony. I never asked for anything before. You can look it up.
Dear God: I want to be just like my Daddy when I get big, but not with so much hair all over.
Dear God: You don't have to worry about me; I always look both ways.
Dear God: I think about You sometimes, even when I'm not praying.
Dear God: Of all the people who worked for You, I like Noah and David the best.
Dear God: My brother told me about being born but it doesn't sound right. They're just kidding, aren't they?
Dear God: I would like to live 900 years just like the guy in the Bible.
Dear God: We read Thomas Edison made light. But in Sunday school they said You did it. So, I bet he stole Your idea.
    Tonight for supper Queen had pork, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes. It was good. Then we had a pair of raisin cookies each and a cup of coffee for dessert.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 7:32 AM 36 Deg at LVIA and 33.8 in the bus stop
It is raining hard this morning. Today my blood glucose was 133 and my weight 207. So far, I have had my “halo” firmly in place. Queen has all of her freshly baked cookies on the dining room table and every time I walk past I can distinctly hear the raisin cookies calling softly Bobby, Bobby, here we are! Gee, whiz!!!
This morning it was too wet to sit out on the park bench so Butternut had to wing it in the rain by himself.
About 10:30, it stopped raining so I decided I had better go for a walk. It was good walking even if the weather looked crummy. It was up to 1st Street across and down to 5th and then home. Along the way I took a bunch of pictures.

  The hitching post and former Blount house on Columbia

     I think that the cookie factory is finally finishing up. She was at it for some time. She discovered that it was much easier placing parchment paper on the cookie sheets. The no clean up feature is a lot of help.   Below is a picture that I got from Bob Green along with his description.

  “Delaware Avenue in Palmerton (looking northwest - Palm Theater marquee visible on the left edge of the picture), 1943.

    Although the year 2003 is going down as our wettest in history in this area of Pennsylvania, here's a picture just found in an old dusty trunk showing what rains, 60 years ago, did. I understand this was not an infrequent occurrence back then.
    With flood control measures in place, now there is seldom more than a trickle going through Park Creek, as those of you who have been back in town know. 
Any locals remember floods like this in town?”
Thanks, Bob                               
Here is an excellent way to keep informed on important events, 

Thursday, December 18, 2003 7:30Am 34 Deg at LVIA and 30.8 in the bus stop
    It is a nice day this morning. I sat up on the park bench in comfort this morning. My weight was 208 and the blood glucose was 132 after the salmon meal last night.
    We will be doing our shopping this morning. <Later> It really wasn’t crowded at all. This week we decided to cut back on our buying. Queen says, the camel can live off the hump for a while. We only went to Aldi and Wal-Mart this morning.
    I saw in last night's Times News that Betty George died. She was married to Charlie George who also was a letter carrier for the USPS for years. She was 78 years old, and I recall her being in High School a grade or two ahead of me. Speaking of the postal service, Pattie had a great story about one of our favorites over there who has since retired, Paulette Hopkins. Here is Pattie’s story:
Kresgeville woman never bored, never boring
The Honda that's been officially named "Paulette's Beautiful Baby" no longer can be seen each day in the Palmerton Post Office parking lot.
Behind the post office counter, the blue-eyed blonde with the big smile is gone, too.
After 20 years of service, Paulette Hopkins officially retired from the U.S. Postal Service.
She filled her last day of work with the zeal and enthusiasm she put into every day on the job. But this time she added a creative twist. The Kresgeville woman came to work dressed as Zorro, her long time hero.
She is so enamored of Guy Williams, the actor who first made Zorro famous, that she has spent plenty of her own time and money trying to give the actor the recognition she believes he deserves.
Area residents can recall the incredible success that Hopkins has had in that endeavor.
When she discovered the Bronx had a Walk of Fame, she wrote to officials there asking if they knew Guy Williams was from the Bronx. They didn't. Because of her continued efforts, the Bronx Walk of Fame committee named Williams as the first posthumously recipient of that honor.
"It was a glorious time that I will never forget," she says. "Guy's son came dressed as Zorro and was really happy to have his father included in the Bronx Walk of Fame."
But she didn't stop there.
She wanted to do something to persuade the Hollywood Walk of Fame to do the same thing. The committee that names those to be included on that legendary sidewalk are reluctant to honor anyone posthumously because there are so living stars deserving of the honor.
How can a Palmerton postal clerk persuade Hollywood to do anything?
Paulette didn't know but she wanted to try.
She placed an ad in Variety and The Hollywood reporter making note of the Bronx Walk of Fame.
"I can't say that was the cause of what happened, but right after those ads appeared a representative for the Hollywood Walk of Fame contacted Guy's son. In August of 2001, Guy's star was placed in the sidewalk down from the Roosevelt Hotel," she says.
When the star was unveiled on the famous walk, Hopkins was there with Guy's son and other members of the fan club.
Why did a small town postal clerk get the idea and the clout to help all that happen?
"I just happen to admire Guy Williams for the type life he led. Yes, I always like the Zorro character but I liked the niceness of the guy behind the mask even more," she says.
Her explanation for why she was able to persuade officials to honor Guy Williams years after his death: "Anything can happen if you try hard enough."
Anything can happen when you're around Paulette Hopkins, too. Inside a quiet demeanor lies an adventurous heart and a lively spirit drawn to many interests.
But most people don't know much about Paulette because she is always more interested in hearing about others than she is in telling her own tales. What made her a favorite with hundreds of Palmerton post office patrons is her friendliness and her sincere interests in others.
If someone needed help in any area, Paulette would often be the one to help or to tell them where to go for that help. "I guess I'm just good at connecting people," she says, "because I meet so many interesting folks and what they tell me stays in my mind."
She says she is grateful for "all the wonderful people" she was able to meet while working in the post office. "It is their kindness that I will always carry with me."
Unlike Zorro, Paulette doesn't intend to ride off in the sunset. She plans to use her early retirement to expand her interests and her horizons. "I'm always interested in doing new things and learning new things," she says.
A practitioner of Reiki, a healing art that channels energy to help people heal, Paulette says she intends to spend more time helping others through Reiki.
This month she witnessed how Reiki also helps horses. After going to a training program to learn how to handle horses, she and a group of Reiki practitioners spent a day working with the animals.
"If a horse had a particular problem, the owner didn't tell us. But it was amazing how we could zero in on the problem just by working with the horse," she says. For instance, she tells the story of one Reiki master who kept feeling around one horse's heart, saying she felt there was a problem there. "Finally she said to the owner, 'This horse has a broken heart.' The owner got tears in her eyes and told us the stable mate of the horse had just died."
To hone her Reiki skills, Hopkins says she plans to take some classes centered on the powers of the mind, a subject that fascinates her. She is also interested in exploring psychic powers and spiritualism. In July, she plans to take a cruise to Alaska with a metaphysical group that will include sessions on all areas of spiritualism as well as the usual cruise offerings.
With her adventuresome spirit and her willingness to try new things, Paulette often finds fun in a wide variety of activities. When a friend asks her to try participating in a drum circle, Paulette had never heard of that activity. But after her first night, she was hooked.
"You never know if you're going to like something until you try it," she says. "I just like to get out there and meet people and try new activities."
Maybe that's why the Jonas woman is never bored and never boring.”
We had lunch and I put the car away.  It is rest time for the old geezer
    <Later>I followed the advice of the man from Prolog in determining the size of my disk space with them. This from Prolog, “Your disk space is actually broken down for each account. If you want to know how much your web page is taking up, I use a very simple trick. I put all of the files I use on my web page in one folder on my computer. Then "right-click" on the folder and select "properties." Actually, it was very easy. I opened the Prolog web information displayed on my computer’s “my network” and copied all the files shown there into a new file that I labeled web space and put it on my desktop. Now all I need do is put my cursor on the icon and look at properties, there it all is. Of course, any time I add something or remove it, I will have to update the file, but hey, that is easy. It is slick. Right now, I am at 3.33 MB.


My god but I am getting old.  These are our great grand daughters Kayla, above is in 6th grade

Maria in 7th grade is shown below

 Friday, December 19, 2003 7:24 AM 28 Deg at LVIA and 27.3 in the bus stop
This morning my blood glucose was 134 and my weight 208. We are getting close to the shortest day of the year, so there is no sun here yet. I will be heading out for my usual, trip to our park bench. <Later> It is no wonder I cannot see any sun, it is quite overcast and with a stray snowflake. It was good sitting up there. I saw Lee Bollinger on his morning walk.
This morning I go to Dr. Nicholson’s office for my regular tire kick and oil check [weigh me and take my blood pressure]
    Judy asked me to put these pictures in to prove that they actually do work. Well they sure do

    After I left his office, I stopped by some of the places in town that some other readers will recognize some of their old neighborhoods.


 This is the 500 block of Franklin Avenue. Perhaps Dave Engler will recall it.

    This is the former Danenberg residence on Columbia.

Bill Danneberg,Sr was a good friend to the Elliston family when we really needed it. It is appreciated.
It is about time to end this weeks letter. May God bless you all and a very Merry Christmas to everyone.
    Please Love one another, Mom and Bob  [Queen and Bobby]

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