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January 10, 2004 7:20 AM 1 deg at LVIA and 1.1 in the bus stop.
Golly, but it is cold this morning. That 1.1 in the bus stop defiantly has turned it from our outdoor fridge to our out door freezer. The last soup we stored there was a solid block of ice.
I put Butternut’s coat on him and he has been out, but not I. I think I shall await the sunshine this morning before venturing forth. This morning my blood glucose was 130, and my weight still 206.
         Well. I did go up there with a cup of 8 o’clock coffee. I took along my “tush cushion”. I may be crazy but I am not that nuts. As long as there was little or no wind, it wasn’t bad. There will be no walking for us today. Now at 11:31 AM, it has warmed all the way up to 7 deg at the airport and up to 7.4 in the bus stop. That is too cold for me!
This morning I had in my e-mail two letters very much of interest to me. One was from Bill Danneberg Jr, who is going to look through some of his old pictures of his days here in town. He plans to scan some of them and send them to me. It is always good to get others slant on life.
Then there was an e mail from Barbara Shepherd, who once lived just up the street from me in the Snyder house. She sounds like a very interesting  and outspoken person, who is very active in the business she and her son operate, as well as being very active in opera and all of its facets there in the Sarasota, Fl. area. She writes an interesting letter. However, she, too, has trouble opening the pictures in my web site with her Ferstunkin AOL. For anyone having problems with AOL, I found the following sites that look to me as though they may be helpful.  I make no guarantees. Not with them!!!
This morning, I was pleased to see the rebate check from Dell for the purchase of Queen’s Christmas present. It was a Dell lap top computer. She has been using it every night. She reads her e-mail and peruses some of the web pages that I put on the machine for her. She hasn’t written any e-mails yet but she will eventually. She has to learn her way around the computer. As with my brother in law, Walter Guyer, I give both of them a lot of credit for learning something very new. Neither of them had ever done anything like this previously.
Then, too, she has been playing a lot of solitaire. That is an excellent drill, for learning how to use the touch pad that they use in place of a mouse. She does very well at it. She found some recipes she wanted, so I used my network, and she printed it up right from her chair. Man, that network is a Godsend! It makes things so much easier.  With XP it is very simple to set up.

Sunday, January 11, 2004 7:35 AM 3 deg at LVIA and 1.1 in the bus stop
This morning the blood glucose was 132 and the weight 206.Sheez, but it is cold out there. I put Butternut’s coat on him but he didn’t tarry long. Never the less he did manage to bark at Nan Campton and her dog. However, he soon attended to business and was quickly ready to come back into the warm house. He seems unaffected by his tumble down the steps.    About 10 AM, I took a cup of leftover coffee and went up to the upper park bench.
It had warmed up to 10 deg above as I sat there and realized that there was little or no wind, so I decided to go for a walk. It was not bad. Up to first across and down to 5th street and home. I noticed that George Ashman’s brother, Bob, is here today.
This afternoon I was able to sweet talk Queen into cutting my hair. Then a shower and a nap.
Last evening, I was cruising around the Internet and came upon an interesting site,  on it, I found some very interesting pictures. One of the members is Frank Vlossak, from Palmerton, from whom I secured permission to use these pictures. Some them are priceless. These are pictures from my time and very meaningful. I graduated in 1944. If anybody has any more like this, I would appreciate hearing from you. I see that Bob Green and Bill Danneberg are also members.

This one is of Palmerton High’s football team with John Young seen in the picture as coach. John was one of my favorite teachers. He was firm but very fair. He went out of his way to help me understand some of his history classes. He realized that I was no athlete, but he was more than fair to me.
He never had any problem with discipline. The object lesson that I witnessed of his picking up a miscreant and holding him a foot above the floor with one hand and in a calm voice saying ,“ now your aren’t going to do that again, are you?  It was very impressive to all.

Now Harry Eckhart is an entirely different story! It has only been about 20 years ago that I stopped having nightmares about him. Harry also ran a taunt ship but his method of discipline consisted of sitting at his desk with his arms back in the chalk rail and when he spotted a situation requiring action, hurling an eraser at the victim. My problem was that one of the biggest troublemakers in the class sat right in front of me. Harry’s aim was not always very true, and I got more than one eraser in my face. His sorry about that did not help my love and admiration of him a bit! Nor did he did do anything to improve my love of math. I was scared to death of him because I never knew when I was going to be nailed!
    I watched him humiliate Gladys Steele, a classmate, by placing a single sheet of paper under her feet with the admonition that, “this will make you a bit taller.” Gladys was a very diminutive young woman. Geez, if I knew then what I do now, Oh well---. In retrospect, I can now see how this has affected my entire High School life. Believe it or not, I was a shy little kid in those days. It took a time in the business world to enable me to learn a whole lot about using my big mouth judiciously.
As far as I am concerned, Harry can be roasting and turning slowly on a spit on high heat. Ha!! By today’s standards, neither man would have a job today but I would put my money on John Young anytime. Our birthdays are both on October 8. I found that out later when he became a customer of ours. He was a good man in and out of the classroom. Both he and Oscar Blynn started me on my love of history. Their classes were very interesting. Oscar and John were also good friends. I even enjoyed D L Learn and his problems of democracy. I may be the only one ever to be able to say that.
Later this afternoon Queen suggested a walk. We gave it a trial run by walking up to the corner at 2nd street. She found it too much for her in the breathing department with the wind and cold, so we cut it short.
Tonight for supper Queen had turkey thighs baked in a bread-filling base in the oven. That with some fresh spinach and a tomato cottage cheese salad was both excellent and plenty. Then we had an ice cream bar for dessert.
Now at 9:17 PM, she is on her computer. I set things up for her so that she is able to peruse food recipes and print them from her computer over here on the network printer. She is doing very well. I am proud of her.

Monday, January 12, 2004 7:22 AM 27deg at LVIA and 23.8 in the bus stop
It snowed overnight and the sidewalks and street have a light coating of snow on them, all except for our sidewalks. When I went to retrieve the newspaper from the front porch our walks were swept. I strongly suspect our nice neighbor, Mike, is the one who did it. I certainly thank him.
This morning is washday. It should not be a biggie today. While Queen is doing that I plan to attend the “Iron works”
<10:26 AM> I am back. I am trying to get started with an exercise program. I have long since learned not to do too much too soon. As with the swimming, I must build up to it gradually.
The place was packed with people. I had to wait for a treadmill and they must have 5 or 6 of them. That place is doing a land office business. I used the treadmill for about 10 minutes attempting to get my heart rate to where they want me to start; I found that instead of increasing the speed, I do better increasing the incline at a lower speed. In effect, I am walking up hill.
Then I went to the specialized machines and used some of them a bit, the triceps machine for my swimming, the tummy machine to reduce the big stomach, the back machine to strengthen it, and the leg curl and leg lift machines. However, I took it easy. I saw many folks I recognized but didn’t know who they were. I did meet Mrs. Ord coming in as I was finishing up. I met Frank Vlossak Sr. there. It is his son, in New York State, whom I contacted about the pictures. He set me straight on that.
This afternoon Sam Strunk arrived and finished cutting down the large pine tree. It became very apparent to me that he intended to do this differently than I expected. It must have been almost 70 feet tall and straight as a ruler.

He set up a series of riggings of ropes, come-along’s, and removed the tree in two large logs.
Sam’s riggings permitted him to lift it, then cut it into two pieces. A man arrived with a truck, trailer, and a Bobcat small dozer, and they manhandled the two large logs onto the trailer. I suspect he has a sawmill.

I was very impressed with the entire operation. He removed the tree, cut the dead off the maple tree, thoroughly cleaned up and did it all in a first class manner. He charged me exactly what he estimated $750. I think it was a very fair price. That was a Hell of a big tree.

He was almost finished when it started to snow.

This just came from ProLog. It sounds great to me.
“Dear Valued ProLog Express Customer:
We are pleased to announce that we have more than tripled the download speeds to our ProLog Express residential high-speed Internet customers from up to 800 kilobits per second* (kbps) to up to 3 megabits per second* (Mbps)! Upload speeds are now up to 256 kbps*. The monthly price for the high-speed Internet service remains unchanged.
The new download speed is up to two times faster than a comparably priced DSL connection, allowing you to get the most from your Internet connection. You can download files, watch video and receive large photo files faster then ever before! “It just checked now at 5:16 PM at 1835 Kbps. That is not too shabby!!!
Tonight for supper, we finished neighbor Jean’s lasagna. She is our next-door superb Italian cook. That with a small salad was excellent. We were both too full for dessert.

Tuesday January 13, 2004 7:25 AM 36 deg at LVIA and 33 deg in the bus stop
Ah, this morning my weight was 206 and the blood sugar was 148. Apparently, the lasagna was not without peril but it sure was good. <Sigh>
The dog has been out and I will follow shortly. <8:01 AM> The day is cloudy and gray looking but it was a wonderful day and very comfortable to be able to sit up there and contemplate the world in general, and my small world in particular.
I took a few pictures of the area without the big pine tree. It certainly changes the landscape but it should be for the good overall. Sam said that the other large pine tree, right next to the house, is now a much safer tree since he topped it over a year ago. I really don’t want to remove it. Its root system appears to be sound. This is how that area looked this morning about 7:30 AM.

As I sat there, I contemplated the vindication of some of my many my pet vices. Now, coffee is good for you, as are nuts, wine is now heart medicine and even dark chocolate is now held in high esteem! Of course, oatmeal has been a standard here for years. We now incorporate all of them into our diet, in “moderation”.
This morning we decided to do our shopping. Before we left, we went to Rite-Aid for my prescription for my glucose test strips. Queen called it in yesterday. It wasn’t ready. From there we walked down to the Time News and chatted a bit with the staff. Everyone was busy; Pattie was tied up on the phone so we really didn’t get to talk with her. Then from there we left for our Lehighton trip. I had to stop at the Post Office to mail both my IRS and State estimated tax payments, and then we continued on from there.
We left about 10:15 and got back about 12: 30PM. The stores seemed well stocked. As we left Aldi, I saw a Mercury Grand Marquee with the license number of K3BTU, so Willie Gersbach must have been in Aldi also. I didn’t see him though. Then, we moved on to Wal-Mart, Giant, and home. In Wal-Mart we met Marie Dieter. She is always a good kid and fun to meet and talk with on any occasion.
It was an uneventful trip but we are glad it is done. It is supposed to get really cold tonight and into the next few days with possible snow in the forecast. At least that is what the weather gal on WPIX said this morning. If I am awake in time, I often watch Linda Church’s weather on the WPIX New York’s early morning news channel. Every time I watch any New York City news, I am everlastingly glad that I am a smalltime “hick from the sticks”. Man, the city life, you can keep. Sheez!!
Tonight once again, we dined in God’s restaurant. We had Queen’s finest spaghetti. It was perfect. Oh yes, we got the free dinner coupons that she won at the Health Fair today. One of these days!!!

Wednesday January 14, 2004 7:31 AM 10 deg at LVIA and 8.8 in the bus stop
This morning my weight was 207 and the blood glucose 128. It was very cold up there on the park bench. I was prepared by using my warm L. L. Bean super insulated jacket. I can only wear it when it is bitter cold outside because it gets too warm for me in a building makes me sweat like crazy. So these are the days to use it.
I downloaded the newest version of IncrediMail. Among other improvements, it permits me to readily insert pictures in my e-mail very easily without using attachments. I think that they also have beefed up the spam controls. It will block images in messages with the option to view them. In addition, not only will it enable me to remove old e mail directly from my server, but I can “bounce” an e mail back to an undesirable sender. Eventually I may be taken off their list of suckers. I like it a lot.
 That is a nice feature. It keeps things looking better in the e mail department.
In fact, it now has quite a few new features that I will never use.
This morning we went downtown for a few items at Country Harvest. Then we went over to Rite-Aid and I was able to get my prescription. We first stopped in at The TN office for a moment.
Then I took Queen home and went to on to the “Iron Works” for a short session on the equipment. I believe that I am beginning to feel better in just this short time. I am not at all sore and I think my flexibility has improved. I hope so. It will take time. If I can increase my exercise level and reduce the food intake, it should help a lot. Well, we haven’t had this for a while. Ha!!

Now at 4:02 PM WQXR is predicting three to five inches of snow for the New York area.
Tonight for supper Queen had the rest of the turkey and stuffing meal that was out in the bus stop. With it she had cauliflower, cooked baby carrots, cottage cheese, and applesauce as a side dish. It was just as good as the day we had it originally. We eat damn well here.
Queen is here at her computer perusing her e mail and familiarizing herself with the whole works. She is doing very well.

Thursday January 15, 2004 7:19 AM 9deg at LVIA and 9.9 in the bus stop
This morning my blood sugar is 129 and the weight 206. It has finished snowing or so it seems. I shall have to go out and do something about it before it really gets cold. <8:07 AM> I am back inside after my cleaning chore.
          If we had to have snow, this was as good a snow as I could expect. It was very light and fluffy. Queen just purchased a new snow-shoveling device for me from QVC. It is configured like a truck’s snow plow and one is supposed to be able to simply push it and it will move the snow all to one side, as you move it along.  I could not keep it in a straight line. Ah, Queen read the instructions and it said it was for snows up to 4 inches. This one was more like 6 inches. It looks as though it should be fine in a lesser amount. The snow blower really did a number on it. It threw it for tremendous distances. We must have had about 5 or 6 inches of the white stuff.
As I said, I did get out the gas snow blower and it went just fine. I cleared some of the stuff along Mike’s place then of course, I cleaned a place out at our park bench and afterwards I got my tush cushion, broom, coffee and camera and sat up there with a cup of 8 o’clock coffee, Yes, I am nuts, but it was beautiful. I took a few pictures and I must say I enjoyed sitting there in the glistening snow. Now I am ready for the Lord to take it away. Ha!! Since they want bitter cold weather for awhile that won’t be anytime soon. Here are some of the pictures. It would have looked better had I waited for the sun to arrive over the mountain. However, now it is a beautiful sunny bright day but damn cold!

    I recently downloaded a new browser that I am trying. My old standard has been MSN’s explorer browser, This one is , It leaves any site you have open in a small box at the bottom of the browser and it will recall them whenever you wish to refer back to that site, instantly. It is nice and it seems just as fast as or faster than Explorer. I shall try it. It has many different features. I have long since given up on Netscape. That used to be excellent, but with their close ties with AOL, they are a real mess and I won’t touch them anymore.
 I also use a version of which I personalized as my start page. It is very easy to personalize and I use the same one on all my machines. It has most of my favorite sites that open quickly. All the weather data I use, just a whole myriad of things that I often refer to in my letters.
I came upon a site for those of you who are crossword puzzle fans. It looks as though one has many choices.
    Tonight for supper, we had salmon, a baked potato each, peas, Queen’s coleslaw, and a tomato cottage cheese and dessert. Then we finished with an ice-cream bar each. It was an excellent meal. I got the salmon just right. The fresh mushrooms sliced on it with lemon, and dill was delicious.

Friday, January 16, 20047:32 AM 3 Deg at LVIA and.4 deg in the bus stop
    Geez, it is cold this morning! I had to take a second look at the temperature in the bus stop. It was 4/10 of a degree above zero. Butternut was out and is happy to return to the warm house.
Geez, last night I saw the weather on Mt. Washington, NH.  It was:




Feels Like


UV Index:

0 Minimal

Dew Point:





0.1 miles


N/A and N/A


From the West Northwest at 81 gusting to 93 mph

Now that is cold.
    For anyone also with diabetes I was sent the following from the maker of my blood glucose meter.
 A spoonful of cinnamon helps treat diabetes for what it is worth, Queen has been adding it to my oatmeal for the last two days. If one looks, my readings for those days have been quite low. I like it because it tastes good. It certainly seems to be worth a try. The article appears to be authentic.

 A Spoonful of Cinnamon Helps Treat Diabetes
By Alison McCook
Last Updated: 2003-12-11 15:35:10 -0400 (Reuters Health)
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People with diabetes can help keep their bodies healthy by simply adding a dash of spice to their diet, new research reports.
In a study, diabetics who incorporated one gram -- equivalent to less than one-quarter teaspoon -- of cinnamon per day for 40 days into their normal diets experienced a decrease in levels of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood fats.
And for people with diabetes, the less of those substances in the body, the better.
Type 2 diabetes arises when the body loses sensitivity to insulin, a hormone that shuttles the sugars from food into body cells to be used for energy. As a result, the amount of sugar, or glucose, in the blood remains high, leading to fatigue and blurred vision. Over the long term, excess blood glucose can increase the risk of heart disease, kidney failure and blindness.
The current findings suggest that a small amount of cinnamon can help protect diabetics from these and other potential complications of their condition, study author Dr. Richard A. Anderson of the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland told Reuters Health.
Diabetics could add a dash of cinnamon to their morning servings of coffee, orange juice or cereal, Anderson noted. "You can also make a cinnamon tea by simply boiling water with stick cinnamon," he suggested.
Anderson noted that cinnamon may also help stave off the onset of Type 2 diabetes in people at risk of the condition.
He added that cinnamon contains some substances that can be toxic in high amounts, so people should be sure not to get too much of a good thing. "Certainly, a gram per day is not a high amount," he reassured.
During the study, Anderson and his colleagues asked 60 people with Type 2 diabetes to consume 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon each day for 40 days, or the equivalent amount of wheat flour, as a placebo. Both the cinnamon and wheat flour were administered in capsule form.
Reporting in the journal Diabetes Care, Anderson and his team found that all cinnamon-takers experienced a drop in blood levels of glucose, fats and cholesterol by up to 30 percent. No change was seen in the people taking placebo capsules.
Anderson explained that cinnamon contains compounds that help make insulin more efficient, improving the hormone's ability to bring glucose to the cells that need it.
As an added bonus, cinnamon contains virtually no calories, Anderson said, allowing diabetics to add zest to their meals without adding to their waistlines.
Cinnamon contains less than 3 calories per gram, "negligible in the total dietary intake," Anderson said.
Previous research has shown that cinnamon appears to help fat cells recognize and respond to insulin. In test tube and in animal studies, the spice increased glucose metabolism by about 20 times.
SOURCE: Diabetes Care, December 2003

I think I shall wait a bit before I venture forth to the park bench, not until there is some sunshine up there. It wasn’t too bad up there sitting in the sunshine. As I have said that is a good place to think. I remembered the program I saw on the tube the other night as I lay in bed. It was a re-broadcast of an interview with the former Mayor of New York City, Ed Koch. I had seen his statement in print but not out of his mouth. He said that he is supporting George W. Bush for re-election. To paraphrase him to the best of my recollection, he said that he disagrees with Bush on just about every domestic program he has proposed. However, the Democrats are completely wrong in their idea. If the country is not safe, all the domestic stuff amounts to nothing when we as a nation are in peril. He said their idea that opposition to the war as the way to go is stupid!
Koch said, “not one of them has the stomach to do what Bush has taken on and has accomplished in going after the terrorists.”
Of course, there is also that great proponent of moral rectitude, Teddy Kennedy, telling, this all a cooked up scheme for Bush’s re-election.
     I completely agree with Ed Koch on this one. We are every bit as much in a war as we were during WW2, only now they can and did bring it here to us. The fact that nothing major has happened so far is NO accident. The ACLU not withstanding. There were some tough laws enacted during WW2 also. Yes, keep your eye on the government, but we really do not have much choice. He even spoke well of John Ashcroft . Ha!!!
    I would think that every night Al Gore goes to bed, he should be on his knees thanking God, he was NOT elected. I know I do. That really would be the wolves guarding the chicken coop. Geez!!
Anyone, who thinks 911 would not have happened is downright stupid. Sure just sit down and talk reasonably with them. Neville Chamberlain also had peace in our time, bull sh*t. I lived through that also.                   
    I want to go to the “Iron Works” this morning for another crack at using the equipment. I pay for it by the month, so I might just as well avail myself of their facilities.

<Later 12:04 PM > I am back. I met Connie and Bob Reinhardt there. They were finishing their workout on the machines.
 On the way home Queen wanted me to stop at Country Harvest for a salad mix. I stopped in at Pattie’s office on my way home. She was supportive of the old man’s attempt at fitness. I believe that it is getting easier as I attend more frequently. However, a nap will go well for the “old geezer” this afternoon.
 From there, it was home.

Please love one another, Mom and Bob [Queen and Bobby]

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter."
-Mark Twain
The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up."
-Mark Twain
A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
Mark Twain
Imagination is more important than knowledge...
Albert Einstein

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