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Our Butternut

This is a re-worked version of Volume 19 using Blue Griffon.

Saturday, March 27, 2004 7:23 AM 54 deg at LVIA and 53.7 in the bus stop

Well, am I ever glad that problem is solved. Last evening, the experts from Wilmington found and cleared up the mess in nothing flat. The longer I worked at this problem, the more I became convinced that the situation was one I created. Well, I was dead right about that!!
At one time during the past two weeks, I must have somehow installed a program that caused Internet Explorer to be opened twice. That meant that when I attempted to log onto the Prolog web site, I was already logged on. It would occur every time I booted up the computer.  Prolog’s web page will not permit two logons at once, hence the problem. It almost drove me nuts!  Now everything works just great. It is a shame people don’t come with an instruction book!!  Honest to God!!! <Grimace>
Son, George, tells me that I take this web page far too seriously. He said it is supposed to be fun. Well, it is fun but he is right. I must admit though I increasingly am taking pride in what I am doing. Even I must admit it looks a whole lot better than the earliest ones.  I will confess that I did re-work the very first one, but nothing after that. This is a typical case of as Thomas Edison said, learning a Hell of a lot of things that don’t work.
One must remember I have no background for this stuff with the possible exception of my innate curiosity over things of this nature. My thirty years in the television service and repair business was utterly useless in this medium.
Besides, I always throw it back to George with the rejoinder of “It’s all your fault. You got me interested in this stuff in the first place. Ha!! Golly, they are always more than willing to help me. I do appreciate that very much. I need all the help I can get.
             I hope there isn’t some latent perfectionism starting to manifest itself in me at this age. Sheez, that really would drive Queen over the cliff. I told her that if I start to become “clean crazy” and start suggesting that she keep the house neater and cleaner, and actually start doing it myself, she had best call the Allentown State Hospital immediately, her life could well be in danger! <Grin>

This morning the weight is 203 and my blood glucose is 142. Last evening Queen made Mac and Cheese with stewed tomatoes and a small frozen fish fillet for dinner. Earlier in the afternoon, she made another old favorite, Coffee Bars,
When I went out to the lower park bench, I noticed a large crane over on Lehigh Avenue. I don’t know what it is all about. It had been raining but it cleared and now is it  a nice day.

A close up of the unknown crane

I got this in my e-mail this morning from Dave Engler.
Hi Steve and Bob:
     Yes, I am quite sure the picture is of "Indian Trail Park" at Pennsville - just about two miles past Cherryville, Pa. - Our family went there quite often (we had our Sunday School picnics there several times) and I also went there with a friend who dated the owner's daughter (or so he said).  I believe the large building in the rear may have housed a "penny-arcade" - remember them?  The stream as you call it was, I believe, a swimming pond and the bridge did indeed exist.  At the left is, of course, the merry-go-round.  Ah, such memories - as well as those of Dorney Park and do you recall Central Park, between Allentown and Bethlehem (Rittersville), and its giant roller coaster, the Cyclone? Central also had the "Derby Racer" where two trains raced each other - it took two rides to cover the entire route.  Then there was also the dancing pavilion, The Rainbow Room - similar to Dorney Parks' Castle Garden.  I think I got the names correct.  The old memory gets a little rusty at times!
- Dave Engler

Here is the picture in question from last week.

 Indian Trail Park

Once again, it being Saturday, my favorite newspaper has arrived. The Saturday edition of the “Times News” is here and as usual, the first columnist I read is Pattie Mihalik’s column, “Warmest Regards”. This week she wrote about the gift her daughter, Andrea, gave her for a Christmas present.” For the past few years, my daughter Andrea has heard me say the best gift is presence, not presents. Last Christmas she took it to heart. Instead of giving me a boxed present, she gave me a certificate saying my gift from her was a future mother-daughter outing where we would spend a long weekend together doing whatever I like.”  It was the gift of time. Time for just the two of them to take a weekend outing, They flew to Florida, turning it into a memorable weekend for both of them. She is so eloquent in the way she describes the event. It is something neither of them will ever forget.
            Also featured is Dr. Ginny Smith’s column, Education and family. She is another gal with her head on straight. She wrote about aging and getting older. "When I retired at age 55 and got an AARP card, I felt a little old. When I turned 62 and started to receive social security, I felt a certain twinge. Now I was supposed to be really old. When I turn 65 and begin to get Medicare, I'll be even more ancient. However, to me, age is just a number. I know some 20-year-olds who are set in their ways so firmly that they might as well be 80. And, I know some 80-year-olds who are typical adolescents in their behavior." Hear , hear!!!!
I always read them both; in addition, the Reverend Doris Bray had a very good column this week. She seems to be getting better and better as she continues her writings in the Saturday paper. I suspect her friendship with Pattie has done no harm in the writing department. Ha!!
            We had the Elliston's here for supper. Queen and I made a crock-pot meal. Man but it was good. This afternoon the house smelled just wonderful. Later, this afternoon we went down to Country Harvest and got a fresh loaf of  the Lusitania Bakery Italian bread. That with some cottage cheese made for an excellent meal. She had fresh coffee and the last of the Coffee Bars she made yesterday along with ice-cream for dessert. We got a new Brita filter system that I used for making the coffee. It did indeed improve it.

Sunday, March 28, 2000 7:21 AM 43 deg at LVIA and 46 deg in the bus stop

This morning the blood glucose was 137 and the weight 203. Butternut and I shall soon be heading out side for our morning look-see. Ii is a bright beautiful morning with great promise for a lovely day on hand. <Later 7:46 AM> We are back inside. Golly but is nice sitting up on the summer glider this morning. Once again, I spoke with neighbor, Steve Kun, who has another golf date this morning. This is a far better day than the one on which I saw him last leaving on the same mission the other week.
This morning I took a picture while I sat out there. Really, my poor photography does not do any kind of justice for the beautiful day we are having today.

The sun glistening on the top of the mountain early this Sunday morning.

I mention the stuff below because some of my readers still have problem opening these pictures. I suspect they have difficulty opening much of any pictures, not just mine.
This morning I had an e mail from Barbara Shepherd, a portion of which I shall quote," On my own I took the plunge and signed on to photo island, but using your password could not pull up the pics. I have e-mailed the site for help, but so far have only a welcome letter for joining.” Since Barbara was a previous AOL user, my answer was, "The reason that you can not open my Photo Island site is the same reason you cannot open my  pictures. Something is not enabled on your computer.”
     I asked my experts, while they are here and who straightened out my mess, this weekend for suggestions. Son, George, asked "Does she have AOL?"  I replied that she did but got rid of it. He said her problem is probably caused by the residual stuff that AOL leaves on the computer even though you remove it; it changes programs and networks all through the system. He told me that it might be necessary for her to have professional computer help to straighten things out. Apparently, this is not uncommon. Speaking with Asa Dickinson, the proprietor of Computer Pals in Lehighton, he said many computers have to be re-worked to clear that AOL stuff out of the system. This may be true for others as well.
            I guess that putting it all in a better perspective I do realize that my getting upset is stupid. Sometimes, in fact too may times, I take myself far too seriously. To use the words of the late Vice President John Nance Garner when he spoke of the Vice Presidency that "It isn’t worth a pitcher of warm spit." Well neither is all this. It is a hobby and I must keep that in mind.
            This morning Butternut had a treat. We took him for a walk down Columbia Ave and back. It is a bit of a problem doing so because of the electronic fence system. All the exits are protected. They said to have only one way if possible for him to go out with you. Therefore, we go out the side door. I must unplug it the electric fence or he would be zapped there also. Of course he doesn’t know that.
Upon our return Queen and I sat up on the new park bench, held hands and just talked. It is a great place to be together. Butternut lay stretched out in the sun pooped out.
The Delaware Ellistons left for home after lunch. They got there and we got their ring. Last evening George and Andy took two old color TVs up to the alley. We conjectured as to how long they world last there. Well, five minutes after they left for Delaware, Queen said they were gone. The vultures cleaned them up fast.

Monday, March 29, 2004 7:20 AM 34 deg at LVIA and 37.5 in the bus stop

Today the weight is 203 and the blood glucose, 141. The dog and I were out this morning. It was a bit nippy but very comfortable in the sun.
            Today is washday so Queen is busy with that. I shall go to the Ironworks while she is busy at that job.
<Later> I have been down and back. Queen is making noises about going to K-Mart and Super-Fresh this morning. Well, we did that also. We got a few things at Super fresh and Queen wanted to shop a bit at the Big K. She was doing her thing to help Martha with her legal bills. Ha!!
          This afternoon I received an e-mail from Barbara Shepherd and with the diligent help of her son, she is now able to view my pictures. "Hallelujah!  Shep spent four hours on the computer with me today and we have lift off!  I can see your pics and also gain access to your photo file. There was indeed a way in, but before I could get there, Shep put in 16 updates. The last one did it." That is indeed good news. To all of you AOL victims out there is hope. Ha!!
            This just came to me at 10:52 PM from Barbara. “The updates on this machine were Windows, and then, after the updates, we were able to put in Vector Graphic Rendering. The people connection was able to lead us into it. As of now, all is well. Apparently, this is the file you need to open pictures.”
            This is very important and very easy to do. Simply go to your start at the lower left of your computer, look for Windows updates, have it check for updates needed for your particular computer. Be sure to have it check for all updates. Not just the critical updates but anything that appears to be needed. Each update is described as to what it is for. Add them and you will probably improve many things. That is what they did.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004 7:22 AM 34 deg at LVIA and 36.3 in the bus stop

The blood glucose this morning is 138 and the weight 204.It is a cloudy dreary looking, morning. As soon as the coffee is ready, Butternut and I shall explore the matter further.
            I saw Lee Bollinger on his morning walk. He really is faithful to that regime. I am sure that is a darn good thing for him as well. It was somewhat raw out there. I went no further than the lower park bench. It is supposed to be rainy and dreary for the next several days.
I got this from Bob Green this morning. Fortunately, he lets me plagiarize his stuff freely. I really appreciate the messages I get from readers. I get a lot of good stuff, some of which is funny as all heck, but my censor would never permit me to use it. She sometimes looks with askance at some of the stuff that does get by. Ha!!

Subject: a child's way of thinking
A child's way of thinking...
Children have such a way of looking at things differently. Enjoy!
TEACHER: Why are you late? WEBSTER: Because of the sign. TEACHER: What sign WEBSTER: The one that says, "School Ahead, Go Slow."
TEACHER: Cindy, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor?
CINDY: You told me to do it without using tables!
TEACHER: John, how do you spell "crocodile?" JOHN: K-R-O-K-O-D-A-I-L" TEACHER: No, that's wrong JOHN: Maybe it's wrong, but you asked me how I spell it!
TEACHER: What is the chemical formula for water? SARAH: H I J K L M N O!! TEACHER: What are you talking about? SARAH: Yesterday you said it's H to O!
TEACHER: George, go to the map and find North America. GEORGE: Here it is! TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America? CLASS: George!
TEACHER: Willie, name one important thing we have today that we didn't have ten years ago. WILLIE: Me!
TEACHER: Tommy, why do you always get so dirty? TOMMY: Well, I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are.
TEACHER: Ellen, give me a sentence starting with "I." ELLEN: I is... TEACHER: No, Ellen..... Always say, "I am." ELLEN: All right... "I am the ninth letter of the alphabet."
TEACHER: "Can anybody give an example of COINCIDENCE?" JOHNNY: "Sir, my Mother and Father got married on the same day, same time."
TEACHER: "George Washington not only chopped down his father's cherry tree, but also admitted doing it. Now do you know why his father didn't punish him?" JOHNNY: "Because George still had the ax in his hand."
TEACHER: Now, Sam, tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating? SAM: No sir, I don't have to, my Mom is a good cook.
TEACHER: Desmond, your composition on "My Dog" is exactly the same as your brother's. Did you copy his? DESMOND: No, teacher, it's the same dog!
TEACHER: What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? PUPIL: A teacher

Hey, many grandparents have refrigerator art from their grandchildren, but we are very fortunate to have fridge art from our great grandchildren. This morning we got a very welcome letter from our granddaughter Julie Williams Mintz. It is wonderful to get her very informative and newsy letters. They are informative and well written. Today’s letter included some refrigerator art from their daughters Maria and Kaila. Well here are their masterpieces.

Kaila’s Fridge art

Maria’s great picture

The final result

It has been an unimpressive day today. We made another quick trip to K-Mart to return some merchandise and then home.
This afternoon Queen cut my hair. I looked like pictures of Albert Einstein, but without the smarts. Ha!!
I have an appointment to be interviewed tomorrow afternoon here by Pattie.  She was asked by her Editor to get a story about my activities writing these things. They must really be desperate for something to fill space. Geez!!
Tonight for supper, Queen had a main course consisting of a package of pork in gravy that is in a microwaveable tray that cooks in about 8 minutes. She also had brown rice, fresh green beans, a lettuce tomato, mushroom and onion salad, and in addition a side dish of low fat cottage cheese. We got it at Aldis in the chill case but it was not frozen. In addition, they had a beef pot roast, chicken, and a meatloaf entree. It is no way as good as hers, but I thought it made a very presentable meal, I bet a person like Tommy would like it. Add a baked potato, a salad and you have a quick delicious meal in less than 30 minutes when one nukes everything. It was damn good!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004 7:17 AM 41 deg at LVIA and 39.9 in the bus stop

This murky morning the weight is 204 and the blood sugar says 110 but I don’t believe it. I suspect I didn’t get quite enough blood for the sample. This playing vampire every morning is a pain in the pattotie!!
It is raw and chilly looking out there. I plan to go out in a moment, but I want to start my epistle.  

<Later> It wasn’t a pristine day out there but it wasn’t too bad sitting there either.

Queen said she would go with me to the Ironworks this morning. That will be great. We both know that the exercise is good for us.

The other day I spoke to Connie and Bob Reinhart about some pictures that I could add to these pages. He sent two excellent ones. They are panoramic views overlooking Palmerton. The first one was taken about 1915 the second is a modern picture taken from just about the same place in color in 2004. I think they are great. Obviously, I had to greatly reduce them in size for this page, but the originals are amazingly well detailed taken with a high resolution. In fact, the old 1915 one he sent had a file size of 5.1 MB. The poor computer almost choked on processing that one. However, I got it down to a usable size. I had no problem downloading it; however, it was uploading it into my picture program where I am able to modify my stuff. When I kept getting warnings of out of virtual memory, I shut stuff down and had to wait for it to upload into my ACDSee picture program. It did it. Then it was easy to reduce the file size I wanted to use.
Here are two pictures I got from Bob Reinhart. Both are panoramic views of Palmerton.
The one directly below was taken in about 1915.
1915 photo

This picture is a modern picture taken from very close to the same spot in 2004.
2004 photo

These pictures don’t do justice to his full panoramic view. They are impressive. Thanks a lot, Bob.
            Well Queen and I are down and back. I have my computer area all cleaned up in expectation of my visit by Pattie this afternoon.
After we got back Queen asked me to scan a few of her recipes. I did so and with her permission, here is one of them.


She has some pretty darn good stuff there. It is a whole lot easier scanning them than copying them by hand.
            Well my interview is over now. Pattie said it would appear later. That is fine with me.

Hey how about this weather forecast that just came in by Email:
 312 PM EST WED MAR 31 2004

This is where son Jack’s widow, lives. Gee whiz!!
          Tonight for supper Queen had stuffed peppers, cauliflower, green beans, applesauce, and cottage cheese. She even made a Super Fresh pound cake this afternoon. That went well with a cup of fresh ground 8 O’clock coffee.

Thursday, April 01, 2004 7:17 AM 343 deg at LVIA and 43.8 in the bus stop.

Well it is April Fools day today. The old man woke up to a weight of 207<groan> and a blood glucose of 146. It is a damp chilly day this morning. Today we plan on food shopping.
I often put in these pages information handouts from Betsey Burnhauser for items of community or the Historical Society’s concern, but I tend to shy away from other public service items. 
I haven’t been outdoors this morning but it doesn’t look promising today. I was out with Butternut but didn’t stay long with all the dampness and chilly wind.

<Much Later> We did our shopping this morning and since we didn’t stop at Walmart, we were back home a bit after 11 am. It rained a bit off and on but it hasn’t been an awe-inspiring day today.
This afternoon we took a drive up to Country Junction to look for a bird feeder but we couldn’t find the Alfie Davies unbeatable combination, cheap and good. The sun actually came out for quite awhile.
Tonight for supper we had a boneless salmon steak each, a small baked red potato each, broccoli for Queen, Brussels Sprouts for me, Queen’s home made coleslaw, and cottage cheese. Coffee was dessert. We were too full for more. Look out for the blood glucose tomorrow. <Sheez> Now at 7:58 PM we are having a thunderstorm.
I got this from Steve Jensen tonight.
This postcard from E-bay says "Lehigh Gap, Slatington, PA".
However, without the L&NE trestle, it must be really early.  I'm trying to figure out if the Slatington reference means it's the view from Slatington.

Lehigh Gap

It looks like a view from the south side of the Lehigh Gap looking north at the chain link bridge in the distance. I am trying to figure the perspective and the photographer may have been on the Walnutport side of the riverbank when they took it. Comments welcome if you wish!!

Friday, April 02, 20047:14 AM 43 deg at LVIA and 42.8 in the bus stop

Gee whiz, the readings this morning were amazing to me. In spite of the salmon meal the blood glucose was 138 and the weight 204.
This morning I go to Dr Nicholson’s office for my tire kick and out check by the nurse. Then Queen wants to go to Wal-Mart.
In my Email this morning is this from West Virginia,
 329 AM EST FRI APR 2 2004

Queen is starting breakfast. As I sat out on the lower bench this morning, I could see a lot of outdoor work to be done. Two pressing things will be the old cable reel I use as a potting table,and the other my satellite dish. Once the maple tree starts to grow leaves that will be the end of the signals from space. Queen and I measured its connecting cable's length and it will be more than long enough to move it to a new proposed spot. Since the removal of that large pine tree in front of the house, it opens up a completely new area I think will be suitable for it. I shall have to contact my “ACE rigger and Satellite expert”, Mr. T. Pierce Davies for his expert services once we get into daylight savings time.
I soon will be leaving for the doctor’s office.

<Later>  I am back. I did see the Doctor today. I had forgotten it was to be a visit with him. He seemed to think everything was doing all right. I had lost a pound since my last visit. He too thought I was doing the right thing by having the stress test. I told him that I hadn’t given up on his using the computer that they have at home. I hope so.
From there Queen and I went to Walmart and to the Mahoning Farmer’s Market and then home.
Well I had best get this over to the proofreader so I can put it on line. Please love one another,
 Mom and Bob [Queen and Bobby]

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”
  Albert Einstein (1879-1955), sign hanging in Albert Einstein's office at Princeton.


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