Book 2  Volume 4

Our Butternut  
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Saturday December 11, 2004 7:59 AM  41.78 at Slatington E.S. and 41.7 in the bus stop
 It is still warm outside but it is very wet and damp out there. This morning my blood glucose was 131 and the weight 195.
I sat up on the park bench with my trusty 8 O'clock coffee and the camera. I was thinking about the pictures I have been taking. If I had the present camera and the technology available when Queen and I walked our 2 1/2 miles a day every day I could offer more variety in the  photographs that I have in here. It is nice walking past other peoples homes to see what they have done.
We simply can't do it anymore. It is amazing what one can see just on our small jaunt along Columbia Avenue.


It was a far cry from those warm mornings when I sat up there under that magnificent canopy of green in the "tent" <Sigh>
I got some e-mail the morning that I wish to include here,

Hi Bob,
 I'm enjoying the Palmerton Press very much and thought you and your readers would be interested in a bit of nostalgia.  There's a wonderful website where you can listen to old radio programs for free.  I heard about from the guys on Blue Ridge Cable's "Computerwise" program.  The web address is  Check it out! Best,
Jane Lach

Also this from Bill Danneberg Jr.:
You are correct. I do indeed appreciate seeing that photo of our old homestead on Columbia Avenue. In fact, I enjoy seeing all your photo coverage of Palmerton.  Keep up the good work!  I visited Palmerton for the first time in years during our most recent PHS Class of '58 reunion.  The town looks nice, very well kept.  
Bill Danneberg

We went for our walk this morning and while is isn't cold it is not an inspiring day so far. I took along the camera but did not see a thing worth photographing on this dull dismal looking day. Oh by tomorrow things are expected to change. I suspect the hammer is being lifted for a shot of real winter.

This morning Queen wanted to go to the Post Office for stamps. As I was waiting in the car I got a real shock. I saw an "elderly woman" leaving the building walking with considerable effort and using a cane for support. As I looked at her I discovered that I knew her. She used to be in my High School class. I will not use her name but I told Queen when she arrived back at the car, I had best count my blessings. I described her and she said the women was very pleasant to her in the Post Office. We can thank our lucky stars that things are as good as they are for both of us. Oh I often complain about our aches and pains but we manage somehow to keep going. One must play the cards that we are dealt. I don't have to like it though!!<sigh>
Then we parked above Shea's and we conducted a sort of walking tour of the various business's that are open for the Christmas season. I had to pay the telephone bill so we documented the trip.

 The Hager Furniture Company

Spillane's  Store and front window

Shea's  Hardware


The Park Inn Hotel and Restaurant and Village Flowers


I got an e-mail from Betsy Burnhauser :
    Bob - I also remember that Arner's bakery was next to Pupak's tailor shop.They had a shop out in the 600 block of Delaware at one time, too, I think. In fact, they might also have been up on the hill near where the grooming shop just recently went out of business, also.
    Please suggest to the Gersbach's that the historical society would be an appropriate recipient of things they don't know what to do with from Minerva's house.  

I really hit pay dirt on the Arner's Bakery story. I got this from Terry Eckhart, a new reader,on the subject. It fills in a lot of the story.

Thanks Terry!!
We have been going through a bit of a time with Butternut. He had been waking Queen at 4 or 5 in the morning. With my bad hearing they could tear the house down around me and I would not hear it. Ha!! He either was barking or whining. She got up, went downstairs, and let him out of his crate. Then she let him outdoors after which he would sleep on the landing while we slept until 7 AM.

We now have set things up so that he now sleeps at the top of the stair steps on a dog bed we fashioned from one of his older beds. So far he loves it.
Queen is such a kind soul. She knows he is using her to gain more privileges.  I suspect his long term goal is to sleep on her bed as he does in the afternoon!!! I wouldn't bet against it!!

Son George and grandson Andy were here for a mac and cheese meal tonight. They brought up their old dishwasher and a few items for the house on Lafayette Ave. Then this afternoon they did some shopping and went for a Christmas tree.

They selected the tree and
Andy cut it down

The tree then was bailed for taking home to Delaware.


George and the tree


About 7 PM they left for Delaware. This evening we got their two rings that they got home safely. Well now at 11:05 it is time for bed.

Sunday  December 12,2004 7:20 AM 35.7 at Slatington E.S. and 36.6 in the bus stop
 It is rather cloudy this morning but it isn't cold. Queen and I are heading out for a walk.

<8:30> We are back. We only met a man walking his dog this morning. There wasn't much moving outside.
I will continue with our "walking tour" of downtown Delaware Avenue.

Seen below on the left is the Watch Me Grow Day Care Center run by Judy [Davies] Schwartz, Tommie Davies' sister, and her daughter Lisa Anthony

There is a new eatery next door called "Simply Something". Queen and have eaten there and the food is good and plentiful. She specializes in sandwiches. The owner is a very personable young lady.


Here are some clocks in the window of the "Little Advertiser". Then there is a new card shop in what an old timer like myself would call the place where Shindel's Shop was in business long ago. Then of course Fred's Haberdashery. He took it over after Louis Ash closed his doors a long time ago. Fred has good stuff there.



Shipman's Pharmacy and Young's Jewelry Store

                     Queen talking with LaRue Smith.     A view of the Fitness Center [The former Stemler Hardware building]


This is one of the great joys of living in our small town. We have the chance to renew old acquaintances on a regular basis.The Palmerton High Rise below is a pleasant home for the elderly. The Palmerton Area Chamber of Commerce business office is next door. I didn't take a picture of the Christman Realty Office on the right of the chamber's office. Oh yes this building used to be Heiney Electric and he sold Philco radios.


The Dry Cleaners share the old Holczman building with a new green goods and grocery store called  "The C&C Food Outlet." They are where Werley's tobacco and Bryers Ice cream store use to be located. Geza Holczman had his haberdashery store where the dry cleaners are now.


Then in the old Post Office building is a new clothing store called "My Store".


A Window at the Palmerton Library         This used to be in Tommy Goodrich's soda fountain


The former Earl Seip residence where many a kid took their piano lessons and the George Chmiel residence

The Palmerton Neighborhood House


Finally we arrived at the Palmerton Telephone Office


The tree was beautiful and the young lady was gracious in permitting me to take her picture.

I saved this one for last. On our way to the Post Office we passed this home at 1st Street and Lafayette Ave. Sallie Debman used to live there a long time ago. I rented her garage at one time many moons ago.

My night time pictures stink but this is the same scene at night


I don't  know who they are but every year they go all out for Christmas decorations. I bet PP&L loves them!
One thing I did notice was that Palmerton has a very viable business center. We did not get pictures of them all by any means but it was fun doing it!!

This evening I went down to the bandstand to get some pictures of the Christmas carol sing-alo
ng.  It was raining and it was raw and cold.

Things were still being set up when I got there
                                                                                                                  This is what I would call the old St. John's Rectory

I have not mastered the art of nighttime photography. Joel Kern said I should use a tripod. I didn't. Instead I braced the camera either on the car roof or held it tight against a lamp post. I am glad I don't do this for a living!  I would quickly starve to death!!

Monday, December 13, 2004 7:23 AM 34.1 at Slatington E.S. and 36.1 in the bus stop
 It is a wet day out there this morning. Snow showers are predicted for today with much colder weather on the way. The blood glucose this morning was 125 and the weight was 195.

We just got back from our walk and the sun was just coming out. It is a welcome sight indeed!

Here is a picture of  the Dichysn's kitchen window. Jean has the house all decorated now. It always looks nice.

The Kovacs home with workmen and Christmas tree.

Today is the dreaded sheet day. I realize that
  Queen likes her "easy listening " music while she works. That is fine but right now we both object to the wall to wall Christmas music. A bit interspersed here and there would be welcome. However they wear out the whole meaning of the season.

As I sat up on the upper park bench this morning I had the song" I'll be home for Christmas" running through my head. Most of the time I hear it as a kind of background music. But this morning the words hit home. "I'll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams."

Oh I realize I am home with my wife and the love of our family but at times like this I hearken back to my youth when all of our family was here at this house together at Christmas.
My Mom was doing much as Queen is doing now. Scurrying around making Christmas cookies and getting things ready for Christmas. The house smelled so good. The older folks all mysteriously disappeared taking packages with them to appear later all Christmas wrapped.
One thing I do know is that my Mother would be delighted to know that there is a Mrs George R. Elliston living here now. She would particularly appreciate who the Mrs. G.R. Elliston is. She loved Queen while she was her daughter-in-law, my brother Dick's wife. I recall coming home from High School when my Dad was still alive but no longer working due to his heart attack. I remember walking in the front door after school was over on the last school day before Christmas. They always ended the week with an assembly and a Christmas program.  I remember smelling the marvelous odor of Mom's baking. I distinctly remember hearing my Dad playing the piano. My Dad was a remarkable man. His only formal education was at the St. James Episcopal Church School in Lancaster, Pa. Then he apprenticed at a large Lancaster printing firm and learned the printing trade. After he and Mom came here he also taught himself Greek and since my older brother and sisters were taking music lessons he decided to learn also. He was instrumental in having a performance of Handel's Messiah performed here at St. Johns Episcopal Church.

My Mother told me that as a baby she would put my bassinet in the same room where the others were taking music lessons from Mr Kellet. I guess my love of music started early. Ha! Dad had a great love for the music of Friedrich Chopin. We still have Dad's entire collection of  Etude magazines up in the garage. Now Chopin is difficult to play even by skilled pianists. However he loved to hack his way through the études. In addition to his lack of expertise he had caught one finger in a printing press years ago and had permanently disfigured that finger. Guess what is now an all time favorite of mine? You got it! The music of Friedrich Chopin, the études in particular. Ah what wonderful memories!!
Last week we were in K-Mart and I took some pictures of Queen shopping.





She just loves to look. She can't shop like she used to but she still loves to go shopping.

One new thing I learned while George and Andy were here. I was trying to install a shortcut  for my Windows XP, so that I could shut the machine down quickly without having to go to start, turn off computer, and the whole nine yards. I wanted it to close all the programs in an orderly fashion. Andy said I didn't need it. All the most modern computers will do that job if you tap the shutdown button. Not hold it just tap it. It really works just fine. I don't know if it works for Windows 98 or not. One thing though if you keep a lot of programs open as I do you may have to help it a bit. Try it sometime. There is so much simple stuff that I simply don't know a damn thing about. Sheez!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004 7:27 AM 31 deg at Slatington E.S. and 32.7 in the bus stop
There is just a touch of white outside this morning. I noticed on my trips to the bathroom last night the lights were on out at the Blue Mountain Ski area so I guess they were making snow.

This morning my weight was 195 and the blood glucose was 139 after last nights spaghetti meal.

I saw a very interesting article in the New York Times science section that Google is planning to expand their services. The article is below.

  Google Is Adding Major Libraries to Its Database
Published: December 14, 2004
Thor Swift
A book is scanned at Stanford University. Google's plans for digital files include the University of Michigan and the New York Public Library. 
The challenge for publishers in coming years will be to continue to have libraries serve as major influential buyers of their books, without letting the newly vast digital public reading rooms undermine the companies' ability to make money commissioning and publishing authors' work.
From the earliest days of the printing press, book publishers were wary of the development of libraries at all. In many instances, they opposed the idea of a central facility offering free access to books that people would otherwise be compelled to buy.
But as libraries developed and publishers became aware that they could be among their best customers, that opposition faded. Now publishers aggressively court librarians with advance copies of books, seeking positive reviews of books in library journals and otherwise trying to influence the opinion of the people who influence the reading habits of millions. Some of that promotional impulse may translate to the online world, publishing executives say.
But at least initially, the search services are likely to be most useful to publishers whose nonfiction backlists, or catalogs of previously published titles, are of interest to scholars but do not sell regularly enough to be carried in large quantities in retail stores, said David Steinberger, the president and chief executive the Perseus Books Group, which publishes mostly nonfiction books under the Basic Books, PublicAffairs, Da Capo and other imprints.
Based on his experiences with Amazon's and Google's commercial search services so far, Mr. Steinberger said, "I think there is minimal risk, or virtually no risk, of copyrighted material being misused." But he said he would object to a library's providing copyrighted material online without a license. "If you're talking about the instantaneous, free distribution of books, I think that would represent a problem," Mr. Steinberger said.
For their part, libraries themselves will have to rethink their central missions as storehouses of printed, indexed material.
"Our world is about to change in a big, big way," said Daniel Greenstein, university librarian for the California Digital Library of the University of California, which is a project to organize and retain existing digital materials.
Instead of expending considerable time and money to managing their collections of printed materials, Mr. Greenstein said, libraries in the future can devote more energy to gathering information and making it accessible - and more easily manageable - online.
But Paul LeClerc, the president and chief executive of the New York Public Library, sees Web access as an expansion of libraries' reach, not a replacement for physical collections. "Librarians will add a new dimension to their work," Mr. LeClerc said. "They will not abandon their mission of collecting printed material and keeping them for decades and even centuries."
Google's founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, have long vowed to make all of the world's information accessible to anyone with a Web browser. The agreements to be announced today will put them a few steps closer to that goal - at least in terms of the English-language portion of the world's information. Mr. Page said yesterday that the project traced to the roots of Google, which he and Mr. Brin founded in 1998 after taking a leave from a graduate computer science program at Stanford where they worked on a "digital libraries" project. "What we first discussed at Stanford is now becoming practical," Mr. Page said.
At Stanford, Google hopes to be able to scan 50,000 pages a day within the month, eventually doubling that rate, according to a person involved in the project.
The Google plan calls for making the library materials available as part of Google's regular Web service, which currently has an estimated eight billion Web pages in its database and tens of millions of users a day. As with the other information on its service, Google will sell advertising to generate revenue from its library material. (In it existing Google Print program, the company shares advertising revenue with the participating book publishers.)
Each library, meanwhile, will receive its own copy of the digital database created from that institution's holdings, which the library can make available through its own Web site if it chooses.
Harvard officials said they would be happy to use the Internet to share their collections widely. "We have always thought of our libraries at Harvard as being a global resource," said Lawrence H. Summers, president of Harvard.
At least initially, Google's digitizing task will be labor intensive, with people placing the books and documents on sophisticated scanners whose high-resolution cameras capture an image of each page and convert it to a digital file.
Google, whose corporate campus in Mountain View, Calif., is just a few miles from Stanford, plans to transport books to a copying center it has established at its headquarters. There the books will be scanned and then returned to the Stanford libraries. Google plans to set up remote scanning operations at both Michigan and Harvard.
The company refused to comment on the technology that it was using to digitize books, except to say that it was nondestructive. But according to a person who has been briefed on the project, Google's technology is more labor-intensive than systems that are already commercially available.
Two small start-up companies, 4DigitalBooks of St. Aubin, Switzerland, and Kirtas Technologies of Victor, N.Y., are selling systems that automatically turn pages to capture images.
  Copyright 2004 The New York Times Company

It looks as though they are taking an excellent product and making it even better.


Bah Humbug !!


Before we walked I sat up on the upper park bench with my camera and coffee.
When Queen and I went for our walk this morning we met Romaine Biege and two other walkers, Shirley Neff, Gail Nonnemaker, and her dog. They were returning from their 3-1/2 mile walk. Golly!!

I had to make an emergency trip to IGA for some food coloring that Queen needed for her cookies. Four small bottles of the stuff for almost $5.00. That must figure out to a "skillion" dollars per gallon!!!!
Then this morning Queen called and made an appointment at Dr. Nicholson's office for me at 10:45 AM. I have been working at a small cough and the beginnings of a cold. He had previously given me medication that if taken soon enough will knock it out  So we are trying it again.

We got out of there a bit after noon. So I have a batch of stuff to take. I hope that takes care of it!! I complained to him that I just can't do things that I used to do. He replied,"Oh you can still do them but it takes three times as long to do it". Very true!! Doctor Nicholson told me relax and don't get all tensed up about things. I guess he knows me pretty well!! I do not have any patience. He said folks coming to see him often think they have a catastrophic terminal disease. Most of the time they don't. I think he was trying to tell me something!! I think he was hinting that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. I would also add" He who treats himself has a fool for a doctor". I wonder if that is why I am known in this house as "Doctor Quack"? Ha!!
My blood pressure was good 140/83 and my weight was down a pound. Queen's cholesterol was down from 220 and now is 185. That too I suspect is due to the bran we both have been using.
Queen has been mixing up cookie doughs all afternoon and now has gone up for a well deserved rest. She really works hard at that job, but she loves it!!
I plan to make homemade vegetable soup for supper. It is cold enough so that should be a welcome meal on a cold night such as tonight.
The soup turned out very well. I cooked the beef in the pressure cooker along with a can of beef broth and then added the veggies. I added the carrots, celery, onion, potato, green beans, green pepper, frozen lima beans, and tomatoes. I pressure cooked that for 6 minutes. I also cooked some spaghetti to add to the mix. It was damn good. The rest will go out in the bus stop for storage.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004 7:17 AM 18.1 at Slatington E.S. and 18.5 in the bus stop
We are in shock. Last evening our nephew, Dr David Guyer, called to tell us that my brother-in-law, his father, Walter Guyer, was dead. Apparently he had a dental appointment in town somewhere and was hit by a car at a street corner and killed instantly. David said the police had not determined exactly what happened. I just spoke with Walter the other day. So far I am at a complete loss for words. I still desperately miss talking with my sister Dot, his wife, and now this. Walter called us on a regular basis. I was so proud of how he at 90 years of age had become as proficient at the computer as he did. I only wished we lived closer so I could have given him some" hands on" help. That is what he really needed.. He did have AOL which is entirely different from what I am using but I would have tried.
I was sitting up on the upper park bench this morning contemplating yesterday's events. I did see Lee and Marlene Bollinger. They didn't see me behind the glider but they did when I called to them. They were bundled up as though they lived in Alaska.

 <8:15> We just got back from a short walk. It is darn cold but fortunately there is no wind. We just wanted to get out a bit and get a snoot full of air. We also just wanted to talk a bit. Last nights news hit us hard. Last evening I sent e-mails to all of our children. This morning a really heart felt reply came to us,
"Bob and Ruth,
     It is shocking news.  A quick death is merciful for someone who's lived a long life like Walter.  But for those close to him, it kind of takes your breath away.  E-mail is a poor substitute for being with you at this time.  This loss is a reminder of how precious the two of you are to us and the place you have in our lives.
     Our love to both of you.
    Fritz and Belva"

The above note means a lot to Queen and I. We read it together and deeply appreciate our wonderful family. No coin of the realm can possibly substitute for family!
Never, never, be afraid to tell someone you love that you love them. It means a whole lot!! IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK!!

As I sat up there this morning with the sad feeling of Walter's death upon me I started to walk back to the house and saw this.


I took these pictures today on 12-15-04 with the grim knowledge of his passing but the sure knowledge that the world just keeps on going!
"As it was before, is now, and ever shall be, world without end"

We decided to do our food shopping this morning. Tomorrow Queen has an appointment with Karen Arner to have her hair cut. The next day I have an appointment at Dr Walter's office to see Dr. Ross, a specialist, who visits here once a month.
Dr. Walters wants him to check me for possible Macular Degeneration that may be just beginning in my left eye. This is not a happy turn of events but I am told while they can't cure it, it can be held in check with laser treatments. I hope so. The sight of daughter Mary's ex-mother-in-law, Lillian Rau, who is in the advanced stages of the disease, is not a pleasant thought. However yesterday's events surely make me think ! Hey I am still here and able write about it, see it, and still be able to complain!!! I will write more later when I can better collect my thoughts on the subject.

Tonight for supper I made salmon, two boiled red potatoes, cooked carrots, onion rings and cottage cheese. We had cookies and coffee for dessert. Queen mixed up and baked another batch of a new cookie dough tonight !!

Thursday, December 16, 2004 7:09 AM 19.1 at Slatington E.S. and 18.5 in the bus stop
 It is darn cold this morning. I will be heading out to the park bench with my coffee and perhaps Butternut. He may want to go a second time. I was out and got a few pictures. It is damn cold this morning but there is no wind


I took a few pictures while I was out. There is a lot of stream arising from folks chimneys in the frosty cold weather and the sun glistening on a jet plane overhead.


Two post lamps up the street                    Steve Kun's tree                        Romaine walking

After I  went in the house Queen arrived downstairs shortly thereafter. We decided to do as we did yesterday and we walked down to 4th Street and back. On our walk was the faithful Romaine Biege just finishing her walk..
A short time ago Dick Guyer called and filled us in on his father's death. Apparently Walter was walking on the sidewalk when a car hit a parking sign knocking down the sign. As the sign fell it hit Walter on the back of the head causing severe trauma. He never regained consciousness. Apparently Walter was an innocent victim of a small accident that had very bad consequences for Walter.

Dick said there probably will be a memorial service for Walter between Christmas and New Years. We are still in shock. I know the Episcopal Church speaks in one of its prayers of this "transitory life". Earlier in the page I wrote of my visit to Dr. Nicholson who said medicine can do a lot, but he also said, "When the man upstairs call your name, that it it." This is very true!!!

This morning my blood sugar is 132 and my weight 194. This morning as we were returning from our walk we saw the garbage truck in the alley behind our house. I had not taken the stuff up there yet so I scurried around and lugged it to the alley put it in the car trunk and took it up to the 100 block of Columbia where they were still picking stuff up. The young man smiled and took it out of the trunk . <Sigh>

This afternoon I will be taking Queen to Karen Arner's for a haircut. Golly I will have to make an appointment with mine also. Now that Queen is in the cookie business appointments will be hard to get!!

<3:30 pm.>  We are back from the beauty salon. Queen looks great!!

Karen's Shoppe                                                           Karen with my Queen

A few pictures I took of Queen outdoors

I managed an appointment with my barber and she cut my hair. Now, perhaps I will be able to hear the doctor tomorrow!
I see in tonights Times News that Joel Kern had an excellent picture of the snow making Blue Mountain Ski Area.

Friday, December 17, 2004 8:56 AM 35.3 at Slatington E.S. and 34.5 in the bus stop
I have to start todays page all over. Dummy forgot to save it so here we go. I was out with Butternut this morning with my 8 O'clock coffee and camera. I got a few shots that I shall insert here!! I was watching the birds flit about the feeder but just missed them. They were a pair of very red cardinals.


Then I hailed two nice people Marlene and Lee Bollinger on their walk.


After Queen came downstairs we went for our walk. It was not really cold at all. We had to mail some letters so we crossed over at 2nd Street and went down Columbia Avenue. On the corner of 2nd and Columbia we saw this nativity scene at the Heiney residence with the scare crow next door.


This afternoon at 12:45  I have an appointment with Dr. Ross at Dr. Walter's office. He is to check me for Macular Degeneration in the left eye. More on that later!!
I still can't get Walter Guyer out of my thoughts. We both are still in a state of shock over his death. I never found any obituary or accident report in the New Jersey newspapers.

Good news!! Dr Ross examined me and told us that he did not think it to be Macular Degeneration. There is a small spot that he thinks should be examined and photographed at the Allentown office. He looked at my blood glucose levels and did not think them too high. However he thought it might be diabetic in nature but it was something they can readily do something about now. They will inject some dye in my vein and photograph it. He assured us that I am not going blind!! The good news was that he thinks they can dry it up with a laser.

He made an appointment for me on January 4. He also said I should have no problem driving myself down and back. Golly I had an appointment at 12:45 today and we got out at almost 3 pm. They were running slow today. Needless to say we are greatly relieved.  

Well, it is time to close this for this week.
Please love one another, Mom and Bob [Queen and Bobby]


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